Joining, changing your profile, or leaving

In line with the current data protection and¬†GDPR requirements, anybody who would like to receive future Email notifications needs to sign up, using the link below: –

Click here to join/register for Email notifications

When signing up, you will be able to select the categories of Email notifications you receive, allowing you to tailor the notifications to your needs.  Please note that this is a two-stage process and after entering your details you will be sent an email to confirm your request. the membership will not be complete until the confirmation is received. This is for security purposes and ensures that people cannot register for membership without your knowledge.

If you would like to change the profile of the notifications you receive you can do so by clicking the link above and entering the email address that you joined with initially. You will then be advised that you are already registered and there will be a link to update your profile. Once you click the link you will be sent an email with a link that will allow you to change your preferences.

You can cancel your membership and request removal entirely by clicking here to unsubscribe. You will also have the option to unsubscribe via the link in any emails we send to you. You can remain later if you so wish.