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Port Vale (2) v Harrogate Town (0) - 18th September 2021, FL2

I didn’t have my glasses today left them in the “cropper bag “.
Vale started well against a Harrogate side intent on spoiling the match at any opportunity. Bookings were handed out to a few of towns players early on and an attack from vale looked to have petered out until the ball fell for David Worrall who hit a “thunder bastard “ into the net. What a goal.
Straight after Worrall was foiled by a save from towns keeper.
Worrall had the left back on toast and he was booked for an agricultural challenge on vales no 7. He was promptly subbed and when town threatened a late challenge on covalon saw a second booking and they were down to ten men.
Second half and it was over as a contest as Wilson found himself a yard and curled a sublime shot past the keeper.
Fair play to Harrogate who never gave up and missed a sitter late on. Vale could have added a third but Procter denied by a great save.
MOM David Worrall. Outstanding from start to finish. Up to 7th. and on to Scunthorpe.
See you all next week ⚫️⚪️ SVA KTF

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Swindon Town (1) v (2) Port Vale - 11th September 2021, FL2

Swindon Town (1) v (2) Port Vale - 11th September 2021, FL2

We never beat swindon

Superb start from vale absolute bossing it Would I have picked that side ? Not a chance.

Vale had a couple of great chances thru Rodney who hit the keeper when through Swindon good in possession but no threat apart from big bloke up front

After 15 mins of Nobel being injured vale took the lead. Smart ball out to Worrall who crossed for Garrity to slam home a memorable volley at the end where vale were (decent following by the way)

A mixup between Jones and Covalon almost cost us but we survived. Swindon crowd not happy but at least Noble was up and able.

Great first half. Brilliant start by Swindon second half and deservedly level after a ball inside Benning was cut across and man mountain no 9 finished easily.

A poor start but gradually we clawed our way back into the game Worrall going close with a volley. Apologies for our second their keeper made a super save off ????* (the ball actually came off the Post following a great effort from Gibbo), but the ball fell to Garrity who smashed home from 20 yds to send the away end mental.

It killed the game and only vale could mess this up and they did try by trying to play out from the back but we saw it out in the end.

Pheeeeeeewww what a game Conlon absolutely brilliant but Garrity MOM Two superb strikes and fit to win any game. * see quest

Port Vale (2) v (3) Rochdale - 4th September 2021, FL2

Port Vale (2) v (3) Rochdale - 4th September 2021, FL2

The memorial service was very poignant. So shocked at just how many fellow valiants we’ve lost The list just kept going .

Vale started brilliantly and perhaps should have been 2 up in 10 minutes Worrall and smith kept getting in behind their left backfire and again. Smith produced a brilliant cross for Procter to head home in some style.


We were ready to go for them but someone put the handbrake on and Rochdale came into the game and equalised with a great header from their number 9 who I have to say ran our back line ragged all game.Not even a goalkick straight in the mush could stop him.


Fair play to Rochdale think they played some great stuff but we never laid a glove on their number 7 or 9. Both having the freedom of vale park to do as they wish.


Yet another ball in early second half and we are two one down again a good header, a good cross but no one close to them Vale dragged themselves back in it as Conlon shaped to shoot but played in Procter who jinked his way past one before hammering home.


I’d have taken a “ Desmond” but Rochdale again breeched our defence as a through ball cut us open again. Vale were done. They looked tired and leg weary.


Never come on here to be anything but honest and I think Rochdale were ruthless in their finishing and good for the three points. I think if big Leon was on their number 9 gets taken out of it He bullied our back line


Not too many pluses for me apart from maybe Conlon or Procter. Back to the drawing board I think MOM Jamie Procter led the line brilliantly and took his two goals well. ⚪️⚫️.


See you at Swindon ( never a happy hunting ground )
Bolton Wanderers (3) v (2) Port Vale - 31st August 2021, Papa John's Trophy

Bolton Wanderers (3) v (2) Port Vale - 31st August 2021, Papa John's Trophy

Two sides playing some great football Bolton had a chance early on but was easily snuffed out by Smith.

For vale Amoo went close. A very even game but a mistake by Johnson let the right winger go free he squared for Doyle to tuck away.

Vale responded well tho and levelled when a great move across the area was played out to Cass who pulled it back for Conlon to tuck away.

Soon after it was 2-1 to vale as Amoo struck a fierce drive after some great football that went straight through Gilks. Vale nearly made it three only to be denied again by Gilks who parried another effort by Amoo.

Second half vale started well and should have made it three after Rodney found himself homing down on goal from the right but chose to shoot instead of squaring for the on rushing Conlon.

Hard to see Bolton’s second as a cross from the left was met by a Bolton player who made no mistake to head past Stone.

Their third was caused by a slip from Worrall which left their player a run at goal and a shot which hit a post ended up in the goal.

A few changes for vale which I feel tipped the game in their balance A final shot in the dying moments from Benning which was blocked on the line somehow.

A thoroughly enjoyable game in which Vale played some great football Great to see Gibbo back and Tom Conlon.
Decent following from vale too. Going for Tom Pett MOM. Covered every blade of grass.

On to Rochdale Saturday hoping to build on our win at FGR See you all at the park ⚫️⚪️KTF

Stevenage (1) V (1) Port Vale - 21st August 2021, FL2


Try to be as positive as I can.

Please don’t ask me who or who shouldn’t play Under this management team I have no idea

is it a bad thing ? Keeps everyone on their toes.

Now normally there may be a bit more detail but that 1st half was awful. We took the lead It’s a positive, we scored it’s a positive, but the rest …. Get in the bin. Awful Nobody took responsibility.

Moving swiftly on 2nd half much much better Cass Jones were excellent and Garrity ( I’ve been a big critic of him ) He changed the game.

Little bit more luck and we’d be on our way home with the points Covalon was excellent 2nd half after let’s say a jittery1st half.

We can’t go on being the hard luck story though Two teams going at it but if only we had a natural poacher we’d be up there. Not a moan just a fact.

Dan Jones MOM by a mile.

Anyway a great following from vale , now going through monsoon weather on way back. Massive thanks to right hand man Robert Machin keeping the troops in order.

On to the meat dodgers next week KTF ⚫️⚪️ trust the process.

Port Vale (0) v (0) Carlisle United - 17th August 2021, FL2

Port Vale (0) v (0) Carlisle United - 17th August 2021, FL2

Decent half of football with both sides going for it but Vale had by far the better opportunities in particular a slide rule pass from Brad Walker set Worrall free but he hesitated and the chance was gone.

Worrall then delivered a sublime cross but nobody was there as it flashed across the area. Next up Nathan smith acrobatically hit the bar. Inbetween Carlisle had a few efforts but never really troubled Covalon.

Legge again excelling and dominant in the air. Late on a shot was cleared off the line by Carlisle.

Second half was very scrappy from both sides even the referee lost the plot and was being hood winked by some poor play acting and time wasting. Worrall was always a threat though and Devante Rodney should have done better as he danced through Carlisle’s defence but he never pulled the trigger when well placed.

It was down to Amoo who had replaced  Benning who cut in from the left and unleashed a thunderbastard of a shot from 20 yards which was fumbled by the keeper on to the post.

That was about as good as it got Another hugely frustrating night in which we created plenty but again no one applied the finishing touch.

Decent attendance as well at nearly 5,000 and I’m hoping some of the boos at the end were those of frustration , as the performance didn’t warrant a chorus of boos sponsors MOM was Devante Rodney but I’m going for David Worrall who again was excellent  ⚫️⚪️. See you all at Stevenage KTF

Port Vale (0) v (0) Tranmere Rovers - 14th August 2021, FL2

Port Vale (0) v (0) Tranmere Rovers - 17th August 2021, FL2

Absolutely cracking atmosphere. Two clubs tipped to be there or there abouts, but both clubs lacking that final third killer blow. If you didn’t go you missed a great game, two teams going toe to toe.

Vale by far the better team for most of the game. Wilson was superb first half, he just needs a tap in and I think we will be away. Rodney also at a different level too, pace, power but just not turned into goals. Tranmere relied on the big lad up front and between smith and legge they stopped him and limited Rovers to very little.

My only qualm was everything vale hit was straight at their keeper. Great crowd too, swelled by rovers following.

All in all a great game end to end.

I’m going for 2 MOM legge and smith both did the horrible side of the game to perfection. Stick with the valiants It’s coming. My opinions only. See you Tuesday. KTF ⚫️⚪️

Forest Green Rovers (0) v (2) Port Vale - 28th August 2021, FL2

Forest Green Rovers (0) v (2) Port Vale - 28th August 2021, FL2

Started confidently and pushed up the pitch brilliantly. Back 3/5 bossed it Garrity as an extra midfielder superb.

Was at the other end of the ground but Procters double quick strike was superb and vale continued to dominate. Walker and Arron Martin both mopping up anything that came their way.

Second half I thought it would be backs to the wall, far from it, vale came out and sucked the life out of FGR. Garrity going close after cutting in from the left and a stone wall penalty for handball later on.

As away performances go it was perfection. We were that comfortable . Not FGR being poor , they simply had no answer

Sorry to all the supporters at the end that saw too much flesh. Away win = tops off Just stay with it ,I’m not getting carried away , but that’s a performance to be dam proud of Everyone 9/10. Procter 9.5/10 Set up a fantastic away day ⚪️⚫️KTF SVA

Port Vale (1) v (2) Sunderland - 10th August 2021, 1st Round Carabao Cup

Port Vale (1) v (2) Sunderland - 10th August 2021, 1st Round Carabao Cup

Another game in the league cup another exit in the 1st round, however we went down fighting and that’ll do for me against a “tidy “ Sunderland side.

A very even game in the first half hour in which vale worked a couple of half chances which fell to Wilson, one over the bar and a drilled effort which went for a throw.

However the Mackems broke and Walker got the wrong side of his man and a cool finish across Stone for a one nil lead.

Near half time a raking ball from jones to Worrall found the winger who knocked it past his defender who clearly handled it but not seen by the ref and the keeper saved comfortably.

Second half and Sunderland came out quick and a slide rule pass to put in there forward from midfield was superbly sniffed out by Aiden Stone, or so we thought To the disbelief of most players the ref gave a spot kick. O’Brien cooly slotted home.

Game over I thought but the last 20/25 mins Vale battered Sunderland From 3/5/2 we went to 4/4/2 with Lewis Cass and David amoo coming on it was one way traffic. Worrall suddenly given licence to forget his defensive duties and the excellent cass tearing up the right side and it was Worrall (I think) who got behind the right back and fired over a cross which bounced awkwardly to Procter who pirouetted on goal line and tucked home.

David amoo also outstanding from the minute he came was tearing up the left. Some of the play was superb and only a fingertip save from a Procter header kept rampant vale at bay.

All in all a decent display but Clarke will be given food for thought with that last 25 mins or so for Saturday. Pett was sponsors man of the match but I’m going for David Worrall who gave Sunderland a nightmare in the second half after vale went 4/4/2.

Great to see Eden Bailey get some minutes to. You may wonder why I haven’t mentioned the officials , needless to say they were astonishingly poor but I’d payed to watch the football, not them . On we go to Saturday. Players that came on will definitely give Clarke a headache as to which personal he picks. UTV. KTF ⚫️⚪️

Northampton Town (1) v (0) Port Vale (1) - 7th August 2021, FL2

Northampton Town (1) vs (0) Port Vale - 7th August 2021 - FL2

And breathe . Unfortunately, the record goes but we really shot ourselves in the foot Vale started really well and dominated the opening 20 mins with neat and tidy football and Rodney getting in good areas but really failing to capitalise on our good play

Then all of a sudden we are one down and I know DC will be furious at the defending in which smith was mauled but the ball fell 7 yards out for the easiest of tap ins No side created a real clear cut opportunity until Rodney turned his marker and flashed the ball across the area for already a contender for miss of the season by James Wilson.

Second half was a tedious watch after Covalon was red-carded for a real clumsy trip after failing to look like Edison (Man City) and losing control of the ball. Vale worked hard with ten and limited Town to few chances although Aiden Stone pulled off a terrific save high to his left.

We threatened a few times and it seemed it was who could hack Rodney down the most as his pace was causing problems. Don’t be too disappointed Vales fitness was superb and they never stopped. I’m expecting Covalon to cut a lonely figure on the trip back He will be massively disappointed with his performance but we move on to our favourite competition Tuesday (not) against Sunderland which will throw up another test.

I’m going Devante Rodney MOM Never stopped trying and his pace caused problems all afternoon. A fantastic following of over 1100. Just wasn’t our day.

KTF ⚫️⚪️